Room Selection for 2017-2018


How do I get to live in New College House next year?

  1.  Talk with your friends and figure out where you would like to live, and the room types you are interested in. New College House has suites for 2 to 6 people.
  2. Fill out the Housing Form online at MyHomeatPenn, which is available from 1/18/17 to 1/23/17 at 12pm. On your form, list New College House as your top choice.
  3. Fill out the NCH Room Selection Form—one per GROUP—by 1/23/17 at 12pm and turn in at the NCH Office, room 105.
  4. On the evening of 1/23/17, you will receive an email from New College House, with details about how to select your room in New College House, including room selection events, lottery numbers and priority points.
  5. Talk with your roommates about the rooms and options you agree to consider selection.
  6. Depending on the room type, attend a room selection event; all events take place from 9:00pm to 11:00pm.

    1/24/17—2-person and 6-person units
    1/25/17—3, 4 and 5-person units
    1/26/17—all available units NOTE: if all units are assigned on the previous 2 nights, this event will be cancelled.
  7. At the room selection event, you will have the opportunity to select your suite and assign all members of your roommate group to the rooms within the suite.
  8. If your first choice room type is not available, you may attend a subsequent room selection event to try to select a different room. For example, a group of 6 who didn’t get a room on 1/24 can return on 1/25 and try for two 3-person units.
  9. Get excited about 2017-18 in NCH!

I don’t live in NCH right now, but I want to live there next year. What should I do?
See the above response. The only difference is that you will not be eligible to apply for priority points.
I live in NCH right now and want to live here next year with friends who currently live in a different house—is this possible?
See the response to the first question. The only difference is that non-NCH residents will not be able to apply for priority points.

In order to retain priority status as a New College House returner, a certain number of group members must be current NCH residents:

2-person: one group member

3 & 4-person: 2 group members

4 & 5-person: 2 group members

6-person: 3 group members

The lowest lottery number in the group determines the order by which you are able to pick your room. 

If the number of current NCH residents in your group is below the number listed above for your desired room type, your group will select based on the lowest number of the non-NCH resident in your group.
Can I return to my exact same room in NCH where I am living this year?
If the room is not designated for freshman and available at the time your group is called during the room selection event, you will be able to select the same space.
If I’m assigned to the same room next year, can I leave all my stuff in there over the summer?
No. New College House will be occupied by summer conference participants and overseen by Residential Services during the summer. All residents will need to completely move out of their rooms in May 2017.
How do you know the order in which people can pick their rooms?
Trina will receive a list from Housing of all students who indicated New College House as their top choice for 2017-18. Everyone on that list will be assigned a random lottery number that will determine the order in which they select their room, from lowest to highest. Residents selecting their suite in a group will take the lowest number of all residents in the group. Lottery numbers will be included in an email on 12/23/16. Students applying to return to New College House will receive priority. NOTE: If the number of current NCH residents in a group drops below the required number to retain priority status, the group will select based on the non-NCH resident with the lowest lottery number. See above for required number of residents for each suite type.
Is there a way to improve my lottery number?I heard something about points you can get?
Residents applying to return to NCH can apply for Priority Points. These points are awarded based on residents’ contributions to the NCH community. The application will be available from 1/18/17 to 1/23/17 and reviewed by the NCH RAGAs, House Coordinator, House Dean and Faculty. The points are subtracted from the lottery number to improve a resident’s place in the selection order. Priority Points are only for current NCH residents who want to return to NCH.
When will I find out my lottery number?
Check your email on the evening of January 23. You will receive an email with your lottery number.
If each person in the group has a lottery number, how do we know the order our group gets to pick our room?
The lowest number in the group determines the order by which that group will select their space. In groups with NCH residents and non-NCH residents, a minimum number of group members must be current NCH residents to retain priority. See above for more details.
Does everyone in our group have to attend the room selection event?
At least one member of the group must be at the room selection event. Your group should make sure to plan ahead of time and come to an agreement about the rooms you want to select, and any contingency plans your group representative should follow if those spaces are not available. If no group members are available to attend the room selection event, your group can agree to have a proxy attend. All group members must send individual emails to House Dean Trina Nocerino and House Coordinator Heather Durham verifying the name of the proxy and that you agree to have them select your room assignment.
Do we have to pick a specific bedroom within a suite in New College House?
Yes. Each bedroom within a suite in New College House is labeled by letter, and each resident will be assigned to a specific room within the suite during Room Selection. Your group members should be prepared to select a specific room within the suite during the room selection event.
What will happen at the room selection event?
Participants will check in and gather in the dining area at New College House. At 9:00PM, staff members will begin calling lottery numbers; based on their lottery numbers, groups will be able to enter the selection area in the New College House Living Room. There will be stations in the selection area for each floor of the house, and participants will be able to view large posters of the plans for each floor. Group members will be able to select their suite and rooms, and a staff member will mark the floor plan to indicate that the suite is no longer available. The staff member will complete a short form on a slip of paper with the group member names and room assignments. The group members will then take the slip of paper to a room assignment station where a staff member will verify the room selection and assign the group members in the house system.

There will a time limit in the selection area, and the number of groups permitted in the selection area will be staggered.
What if there are no rooms available by the time I’m called to the selection area?
You and your group members should consider other room type options in NCH. For example, a group of six may consider looking for two triples on the same floor. You are eligible to participate in the next room selection event for that room type. During the last room selection event, any available room will be open and you will be able to fill in bedrooms regardless of being able to fill a suite.
What room types are available? How many of each type?
New College House has Quads, Triples and Six-person units as well as smaller numbers of five-person units and doubles. 


I heard there will still be freshmen living in NCH next year. Where will they be assigned?
Approximately 100 bed spaces have been designated for next year’s freshmen.

New College House is cool, but after we get our room there, we still might want to see if we can get an apartment in the high rises. We can hold onto the NCH room, just to be safe, right?
No.  According to the Terms and Conditions(link is external) (link is external)of your lease with Residential Services, you cannot apply for another process, here or anywhere in the College House system, unless you cancel your assignment and pay the cancellation fee. If you apply for another House in the inter-House process (in February) and do not get the room type that you want, you can try to find a space in New College House at that time, though it’s likely all rooms will be assigned by then.   Residential Services will help you find a space; it will be important for you to consider a wide range of options.