Room Selection for 2017-2018

Room Selection Events

All students who have applied to live in NCH will be invited to attend Room Selection Events to choose their rooms.

a. At least one person from the group must attend to select the room.
b. Groups may select a proxy to pick a room on their behalf. All members of the group must send an email confirming that they agree to have the proxy select the room.
c. Students will gather in a designated waiting area in NCH.
d. Groups will be called to enter room selection area based on lottery number.
e. The room selection area will be set up with stations that include large-print floor plans of each floor.
f. Groups will select their room by informing the person at the station of the room they want.
g. Staff member will verify that occupancy guidelines are met, then mark the floor plan to indicate the room has been selected and complete a form for the group to take to the confirmation station.
h. Staff at the confirmation station will record the room assignment.