Room Selection for 2018-2019

New College House Returning Student Room Selection Process Spring 2018

Current New College House residents who wish to return to NCH for 2018-19 may do so by applying to return during the 4Year House/Residential Program Process. Residents must fill out the online form available at MyHomeatPenn portal (

Residents must fill a suite when they submit their room preference form. Current NCH residents have priority status in the process. To maintain priority status, at least 50% of the suite must be assigned to NCH returning residents. For three-person suites, two residents must be NCH returning residents.

Priority Pointsfor current residents of New College House only; Priority Points are only applicable to the New College House process.

Residents can apply to earn points that contribute to their lottery numbers which can improve their prioritization. The points application will be available in January. NCH staff members will review each application and determine the number of points awarded to each student.

Residents can earn points based on their engagement and participation in NCH activities, including formal and informal roles.

One point is awarded to each resident based on the number of years they have lived in NCH, including the current year.



1/6/18 to 1/18/18        

Priority Points Application available to NCH residents.


NCH Priority Points Application due at noon.

Housing Application for 4-Year Houses and Residential Programs available at  All students participating in the NCH process MUST complete this form online before participating in any other part of the process.

1/22/18, 5:00pm        

Housing Application due.


New College House Room Selection Preference Form available.  The form will be distributed only to students who submitted their Housing Application; it will be submitted via email.

1/24/18, 5:00pm        

NCH Room Selection Preference Form Due.  Students who do not submit this form will not be placed in a room in NCH.


Results of NCH Room Selection process released to applicants.


New College House Room Selection:

1.CURRENT New College House residents submit application for Priority Points by 1/18/18 at noon. This application will be available by online form. NCH Priority Points ONLY apply to current NCH residents participating in the NCH process. (Students currently living off-campus or in a different college house skip this step.)

2.Complete the Housing Application at by 1/22/18 at 5:00pm. Each individual student requesting housing for next year must complete this form in individually.

3.Complete New College House Room Selection Preference Form. Each roommate GROUP submits one form. All residents in the group must sign the form. This is a paper form that must be turned in at the New College House office (room 105) by 5:00pm on 1/24/18.

4.New College House Dean and staff will review Room Selection Preference Forms and make assignments based on information provided in the form.

Check email and myhomeatpenn portal for results of placement process on 1/26/18.