Nicholas Hall

Graduate Associate
7th Floor

Nick is a second-year law student at Penn Law.  Ever since watching Judge Judy episodes with his grandma, he wanted to be an attorney. Experiences working in federal consulting and the District Attorney's Office sealed the deal to go to law school. If you're ever looking for a good conversation about criminal law, social justice, or House of Cards, look no further. 

Originally from Memphis, TN, Nick attended Vanderbilt University. There, he earned a B.S. in Human and Organizational Development with a minor in Corporate Strategy. He was very active on campus as a Resident Advisor, Tour Guide, Student Government leader, Mock Trialer, and Ingram Scholar. Upon graduating, he moved to Washington DC to work for Deloitte Consulting for two years. Prior to joining the New College House staff, Nick served as a GA to the Wyverns at Stouffer College House. Nick's happy to talk to anyone interested in business, government, or corporate life in general.  

Outside the classroom and business suit, Nick is always down for Philly's awesome food and concert scene. Also, he recently learned a few Latin dances including salsa and bachata, so you might catch him trying his new moves and spins on the dance floor...or in the elevator! 

Excited for an excellent academic year!