Kevin Chen

Residential Advisor
3rd Floor

Hi! My name is Kevin, and I’m a senior from Fremont, California studying physics and biophysics and minoring in Asian American Studies in the College. Growing up in suburban California, coming to the city was definitely a new experience for me, but the communities at Penn and Philly are incredibly open and friendly. Philadelphia provides unique local community service opportunities in all kinds of areas, and interacting with community members is definitely my favorite part about being at Penn and in Philly. Currently, I help coordinate a free clinic in West Philadelphia (United Community Clinic) and also teach physics at West Philadelphia High School as part of Moelis Access Science. Besides that, I also do research in the physiology department, using lasers and optics to study protein synthesis, and I dance and drum with Penn Lions, which is Penn’s one and only lion dancing troupe (2016 East Coast Champs!). Some of my hobbies include collecting and trying different teas, drumming on random tables, spinning a big stick (called a drum major mace), and watching random nature clips narrarated by David Attenborough.