Welcome To New College House

Welcome to New College House, Penn's first College House built for the 21st century!

We are Scholars. Celebrating the ‘Life of the Mind’ is a key element of our community. Faculty Director Cam Grey and House staff will facilitate a variety of opportunities for residents to learn about research practices, connect with academic leaders and explore intellectual topics.

We are Sustainable. The University of Pennsylvania is committed to ensuring a sustainable future by making environmentally mindful decisions in the present. Staff and students will learn about ways to promote a healthy world environment, economy and society while celebrating our LEED Silver Certified home.

We are Citizens. Participating in our world entails collaboration, compromise, and community involvement. Graduate Associates and Resident Advisors will bring students together through numerous activities to help forge supportive relationships while learning about our local and global world.


New College House Staff

New College House FAQ

Is there anything I need to do before I come to Penn?

Yes!  Please visit the New Student Orientation website for ‘NSO PENN10’ https://secure.www.upenn.edu/nso/before-you-arrive.html.  Here you will find all the information you may need about what to do before you get here.

Can I move in early?

Move-in is Wednesday, August 24th and Thursday, August 25th.  (Don’t forget to check Campus Express for your assigned move-in time https://prod.campusexpress.upenn.edu/.)  If you are participating in a pre-fresh program such as Penn Quest your program will arrange your early move in.  For other early move-in questions please email the Assignments Office at movein@exchange.upenn.edu.Read More

Room Layout

Traditions Commission

Did you notice that every college house has its own crest and motto? Did you know that “back in the day,” it was the residents of those houses who created the crest and motto? Now, the legacy of those students is carried on each year as these symbols of unity and identity are taken up by each new generation of residents. As New College House residents, you have the chance to build your legacy and take your place in Penn history by leading the process of creating our crest and motto!Read More

New College House Crest

Top 10 Ways to Get Involved

In New College House, there are endless possibilities for your involvement and contributions to the community—you will help make our college house a home!Read More

New College House Courtyard