House Collectives

Imagine sitting by the fireplace in the Living Room, sipping tea or coffee and having some friendly debate about leadership in the latest episode of Scandal, or gathering a group together to plant trees in a local community garden. Whether hearing from an expert archaeologist on their latest research or cooking a recipe from a different culture, the possibilities for involvement in our house collectives are endless!

Lauder College House Collectives are groups of students, faculty and staff who come together to share ideas, engage in dialogue and initiate house activities focused on a specific topic. When you join a house collective, you become part of a community within the house; by initiating and implementing house-wide events you get to make your mark throughout Lauder College House.

Each collective is coordinated by a Lauder College House faculty or staff member. You also have the chance to create your own collective based on your shared interests with the help of a staff member. More details will come soon!

Informational meetings will be held during the first weeks of the academic year. We hope you will join us as a part of one or all of these collectives:


Inquiry Collective

This group will focus on research: how to conduct it, ways to share it, the questions just begging to be answered through creative inquiry. Discussion topics and activities may include:

            Guest speakers and panel discussions

            Research design workshops

            Poster presentations


Action Collective

This group will focus on leadership: developing your skills, identifying your style, exploring all the ways our actions can inspire others and make a difference. Members may also consider joining House Council or other leadership roles in the house. Discussion topics and activities may include:

            Book club

            Leadership theories discussion

            Style assessments

            Guest speakers

            Service projects



 Earth Collective

This group will focus on sustainability: ways we can responsibly use our natural resources while preserving our earth for future generations, inspiring others by raising awareness and continuing to educate ourselves about the local and global implications for a healthy planet. Members may also consider applying to become Eco-Reps for our house through Green Campus Partnership. Discussion topics and activities may include:

            Awareness drives/events (Quizzo, dining discussions…)

            Floor Competitions

            Film screenings

            Book club

            Field trips

            Guest speakers

            Service projects


Mosaic Collective

This group will focus on diversity: ways we can learn from our differences, connect through commonality and build a house-wide community that values and respects the unique qualities we each bring to our house. Discussion topics and activities may include:

            Poetry Slam

            Communication activities

            Field trips/museum visits

            Storytelling workshops

            Art projects

            Discussion groups

            Film screening

            Guest speakers