New College House History

New College House was constructed on Hill Field in 2015-16, Penn's first new residential structure since 1972 and the first building complex built specifically to meet the needs of the College House system the University adopted in 1998. Opening in fall 2016 with a seed population of first-year students, New College House will continue in following years as a four-year House, developing its own traditions and culture to stand among the other Houses on Penn's campus.

Featuring green roofs, a private enclosed courtyard, an in-House dining hall, a multimedia room where films and other presentations can be shown, seminar rooms with the latest in instructional and collaborative technology, music practice and performance rooms, and a living room gathering space, New College House provides a comfortable and safe living experience for Penn undergraduates while serving them with the academic and social connections every College House enjoys: a full complement of faculty-in-residence and a staff of Graduate Associates and Resident Advisors to provide entrée into the life of the University and the benefits of our urban campus. 

New College House also recognizes its place integrated into the fabric of our "global village".  The House programming will focus on promoting dialogue and creating experiences through which students can engage with the world, including a multidisciplinary exploration of what city life encompasses, service learning projects that allow residents to contribute to Philadelphia's larger community, and events that focus on helping students consider what it means to truly be a "citizen of the world", prepared for global engagement.