Quit bugging me!

Let's keep NCH clean. If you encounter a furry or creepy crawly critter, be sure to contact the Info Center (215) 898-3000 and file a maintence request at http://www.facilities.upenn.edu

Penn Summer Abroad Opportunities

Upcoming Info Sessions for Penn Summer Abroad opportunities:


Berlin & Rotterdam — November 6th ǀ 6 pm ǀ Fisher-Bennett Hall, Room 25

Cannes — November 7th ǀ 5pm ǀ Fisher-Bennett Hall, Room 401

Cannes — November 13th ǀ 5pm ǀ Fisher-Bennett Hall, Room 401

The Alps — November 13th ǀ 5 pm ǀ Williams Hall, Room 214

Tours — November 16th ǀ 3 pm ǀ Williams Hall, Room 305

Madrid — November 16th ǀ 3:30pm ǀ Williams Hall, Room 303

Cannes — November 28th ǀ 5pm ǀ Fisher-Bennett Hall, Room 401

The Alps — November 29th ǀ 5 pm ǀ TBD Williams Hall, Room 6

Upperclass Room Selection Coffee Chats

Stop by the New College House Living Room on Monday, December 3rd, at 7pm to learn more about life in NCH. You will get to meet some of our wonderful house fellows and interact with RAGAs and student leaders. You will also get the chance to tour the amazing spaces and accomodations that NCH has to offer its residents.

Refereshments will be provided.

Thanksgiving with the Greys

Staying at NCH for Thanksgiving? Spend Thanksgiving Day with the Grey family! Be sure to RSVP with Cam Grey as soon as possible!

15 Minute Activity Break

Every school-day at 9:30am on Facebook @healthypenn

Did you know 10 minutes of exercise at a time is fine? Are you aware the exercise helps reduce depressive symptoms? Every school day there will be a 15 minute activity break posted at 9:30am on Facebook (@healthypenn). The activity breaks can be done anytime, anywhere and no equipment or specific facility is needed. They can be done in an office, dorm, classroom, or outside! In a busy schedule, it can be hard to find room for physical activity, but doing these 15 minute activity breaks every school day will make it that much easier!

15 Minute Activity Break

Phoenix Fund- Bring Your Ideas to Life in NCH!


Named for our house mascot, The Phoenix Fund is an initiative to support your ideas for house-wide activities. If you have ever wanted to plan an event to meet new people in the house, but didn’t know how to get started, Phoenix Fund is for you!

Video game tournament? Apply for Phoenix Fund!

Painting Night? Apply for Phoenix Fund!

Philly cultural excursions? Apply for Phoenix Fund!

The Phoenix Fund Advisory Board is a group of NCH residents who reviews proposals for approval.  You receive a response by email within two business days of the board’s review. 

Apply using this link: https://www.tinyurl.com/NCHPhoenixFund

The first section of the form includes a list of guidelines for the process—please attend to these guidelines when drafting your proposal.

We look forward to seeing your ideas come to life!

Wellness Wednesdays

Every Wednesday, 4-6pm, Pottruck Atrium

Campus Health and Campus Recreation will continue Wellness Wednesdays throughout the fall semester with free fitness classes, giveaways, wellness tips, health Q&As, and more, all located at Pottruck. Please share the attached flyer with the full schedule and encourage students to stop by the Pottruck gym every Wednesday!

Wellness Wednesdays

Second Year Experience at Penn!

This year, Penn launches the Second Year Experience Program, providing opportunities for engagement tailored to the needs of sophomores! Check this website for information about upcoming events like Sophomore Day and Halfway There, and other initiatives. https://www.nso.upenn.edu/theme-year/second-year-experience

Weekly Meditation

Sessions are FREE for all Penn students and require no prior experience. Dates and times are as follows:

o   Mondays, 12-1pm, Office of the Chaplain (Houston Hall, Room 236)

o   Thursdays, 12-1pm, Graduate Student Center (Room 305)

o   Thursdays, 6-7pm, Rodin College House (Room M20)

Weekly Meditation

NCH Space Reservation Policy Reminders

One way to maximize your New College House experience is to utilize the fantastic community spaces. Follow our reservation policies to effectively to be able to secure space when you want it.

NCH residents can use the Group Study Rooms, Music Practice Rooms, and 7th Floor Community Room (including kitchen) at any time, without reservation. These spaces are available by reservation as well. 

Seminar Rooms 103 and 110, the Media Room, and the 3rd Floor Community Kitchen are available by reservation only. 

Reservations must be submitted by 4pm at least one business day prior to your desired date. Weekend requests should be submitted by 4pm on Friday. To place your reservation, log onto the house website, click "calendar" and click the "room reservations" tab. Complete the form, including a description of your intended use for the space, and submit. Full-time staff in the house office will review requests. 

To gain access to Seminar Rooms, Media Room, and 3rd Floor Community Kitchen, visit the Information Center (at the main entrance to NCH) to have your Penncard programmed to access the space during your alloted time. You will only be granted access with a confirmed reservation.

Help to keep NCH beautiful by cleaning up at the end your reservation, and turning off all kitchen appliances.

Please contact the NCH Office if you have any questions.

NCH Reads! The "Recommended by You" Collection

What is your favorite book? What book should everyone read in their lifetime? We are curating a library of "must reads" to be placed on the shelves in the 2nd Floor Reading Room, consisting exclusively of titles recommended by NCH residents.

To submit a recommendation, fill out the form here: https://goo.gl/forms/8COhVEstOhKRqoVE3

We will add titles to the shelves in the Reading Room each month.

This is the first of several "NCH Reads" initiatives coming to our house this semester. Updates about "DEAR" study breaks and Story Club are coming soon!

Welcome To New College House

Welcome to New College House, Penn's first College House built for the 21st century!

We are Scholars. Celebrating the ‘Life of the Mind’ is a key element of our community. Faculty Director Cam Grey and House staff will facilitate a variety of opportunities for residents to learn about research practices, connect with academic leaders and explore intellectual topics.

We are Sustainable. The University of Pennsylvania is committed to ensuring a sustainable future by making environmentally mindful decisions in the present. Staff and students will learn about ways to promote a healthy world environment, economy and society while celebrating our LEED Silver Certified home.

We are Citizens. Participating in our world entails collaboration, compromise, and community involvement. Graduate Associates and Resident Advisors will bring students together through numerous activities to help forge supportive relationships while learning about our local and global world.