Apply for PAVE

Apply For PAVE!

Penn Anti-Violence Educators (PAVE) is a peer education student group that is focused on how to be an active bystander. PAVE members are committed undergraduate and graduate students who are trained to facilitate workshops and trainings to their peers about the important role bystanders can play in ending sexual and relationship violence on campus. A FAQ link with more information is provided here:

Applications are due March 2nd. Facebook event here:

To apply, submit an application If you have any questions or want more information, please visit the Penn Violence Prevention website or email Katie Chockley at

Apply for Phoenix Fund- Bring Your Event Idea to Life!

The Phoenix Fund is a pool of money to support NCH residents' ideas for house activities and initiatives. If you have a great idea for an event for our house, apply for Phoenix Fund support! Learn more and complete your application here:

Stumped for ideas? During Fall semester, NCHers hosted a hiking trip, Cuban food experience, and fruit snack taste-test study break, all using Phoenix Fund! We're excited to add your fantastic event to the list!

Welcome To New College House

Welcome to New College House, Penn's first College House built for the 21st century!

We are Scholars. Celebrating the ‘Life of the Mind’ is a key element of our community. Faculty Director Cam Grey and House staff will facilitate a variety of opportunities for residents to learn about research practices, connect with academic leaders and explore intellectual topics.

We are Sustainable. The University of Pennsylvania is committed to ensuring a sustainable future by making environmentally mindful decisions in the present. Staff and students will learn about ways to promote a healthy world environment, economy and society while celebrating our LEED Silver Certified home.

We are Citizens. Participating in our world entails collaboration, compromise, and community involvement. Graduate Associates and Resident Advisors will bring students together through numerous activities to help forge supportive relationships while learning about our local and global world.


New College House Staff