Open Study in Seminar 103

Seminar Room 103 will be open for unstructured, quiet study from 5pm to 12am April 27 to April 30 and May 2 to May 9. The room will be available on May 1 from 9pm to 12am due to a prior reservation.

New College House residents can use the seminar room to study during these times without prior reservation. Please respect your fellow NCHers as you use the space to prepare for semester-end academic obligations by maintaining quiet volume, discarding trash/recycling appropriately, and removing your belongings when you leave. 

Good luck on your final exams, papers and projects!

Meliora Ambassador Application Now Available!

If you’re returning to NCH next year and looking for a new way to contribute to our community, gain leadership skills, network, and help a new class of NCH freshmen transition to life in our house, become an NCH Meliora Ambassador!

This new, exciting role takes its name from our house motto, “Semper ad meliora,” or “Always onward to better things.” As we move forward creating our home, the Meliora Ambassador position is a chance for emerging leaders to grow and for our new students to be welcomed into our community.

Apply here:

Applications are due May 12.



Donate your Suits!

Donate your new or gently used suits to the Penn Career Center and help someone dress for success!

Collection bin will be outside of the Main Office (rm. 105)

What's Happening On Campus

There’s always something happening on campus.

Here are a few places you could go to get started on getting involved!


Interested in Doing Research?

Center for Undergraduate Research & Fellowships -


Interested in Global Citizenship?

Perry World House -


Interested in Diversity?

Greenfield Intercultural Center -


Interested in Sustainability?

Kleinman Center for Energy Policy -

Penn Green Campus Partnership -


Interested in Social Engagement?

Civic House -


Welcome To New College House

Welcome to New College House, Penn's first College House built for the 21st century!

We are Scholars. Celebrating the ‘Life of the Mind’ is a key element of our community. Faculty Director Cam Grey and House staff will facilitate a variety of opportunities for residents to learn about research practices, connect with academic leaders and explore intellectual topics.

We are Sustainable. The University of Pennsylvania is committed to ensuring a sustainable future by making environmentally mindful decisions in the present. Staff and students will learn about ways to promote a healthy world environment, economy and society while celebrating our LEED Silver Certified home.

We are Citizens. Participating in our world entails collaboration, compromise, and community involvement. Graduate Associates and Resident Advisors will bring students together through numerous activities to help forge supportive relationships while learning about our local and global world.


New College House Staff