Read on for some FAQs.  Any further questions can be emailed to new@collegehouses.upenn.edu.


Where do I park to unload my car?

There will be designated street parking on 34th Street from Chestnut to Walnut streets.   This is the location to pull up in your vehicle and unload.  There is a one hour time limit for unloading.  After an hour, you can take your parking pass to the parking garage located at 34th and Chestnut Streets (Entrance on 34th between Ludlow and Chestnut).  Parking passes will be available upon arrival, please see one of the attendees. 


Where do I get my keys?

NCH is keyless and uses the SALTO system – your PennCard operates your door.  Students will sign up for their PennCard online prior to move-in (email digital photo – Campus Express).  Once you have parked, check-in at our Residential Services tent outside of NCH.  You will receive your PennCard there and will take it to one of the designated hotspots to “turn on” your card and get into your room.  Don’t forget to bring government issued ID and get guest passes for your family/friends!  If you don’t complete this process, there is a possibility you could be charged.  Information about keys, guest passes, and additional move-in tips can be found here http://cms.business-services.upenn.edu/residential-services/services-a-support/move-inout/137-move-in-instructions.html.


What will my room look like?

Click here for NCH floorplans http://cms.business-services.upenn.edu/residential-services/images/stories/New_College_House/new%20college%20house%20room%20layouts.pdf.


Are there any single rooms?

Each resident will have their own single-occupancy bedroom within a suite. Suites range in size from two to six bedrooms and include a bathroom, common room and sink.  See floorplans above.


Am I allowed to bring extra furniture?

Sure, but you may want to consider the dimensions of your space as well as talk with your suitemates to make plans for additional furniture.


Are there gender neutral rooms?

For information about gender neutral housing, visit the Assignments Office website at http://cms.business-services.upenn.edu/residential-services/applications-a-assignments/gender-neutral-housing.html.


Are there any other places to hang out in New College House?

Yes! There are plenty of places to study and socialize in our lounges, meeting rooms, and community rooms.  Some of these spaces require a reservation.  Check back on our website for our room reservation policies.  The House Office and Information Center are also places where you can ask seek help or ask questions.


Can I mail packages to New College House before I move in?

The earliest date packages will be received is August 16th, one week before move in.  Please do not send anything before this date, it will be returned to sender.

When mailing packages or letters, be sure to write your address in the following format:

TO: {Your Name}
RM#{Your Room Number} NCH, MB#{Your Mailbox Number}
3335 Woodland Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Note: Your mailbox number and room number are NOT the same. Since College Houses have different room and box numbers, it is helpful to write both numbers in the address field.

*** The package pick up location will be in Hill College House, next door.


Does New College House have any storage areas?

No, we do not offer storage for resident’s belongings.


Does New College House have an elevator?

Yes, there are three elevators.


Is there Dining in New College House?

Yes, New College House Café is an all-you-care-to-eat dining hall at which residents can use their meal plans.  New College House Express is a retail option for students; items can be purchased using Dining Dollars, cash or credit.

For more information about first-year dining plans, click here http://cms.business-services.upenn.edu/dining/dining-plans/first-year-dining-plans.html.


Are there kitchens where I could cook my own food?


Yes, the use of our common kitchens will available only to NCH residents and by reservation. 


Is there Wi-Fi in New College House?

Yes, NCH is under AirPennNet, UPenn’s wireless network.  You will need to configure your laptop and/or mobile devices to connect to the system.  Our IT team will be available during move-in to help get residents connected.  For more information, click here http://cms.business-services.upenn.edu/residential-services/services-a-support/netcablephone.html.


***Have a question you don’t see here?  Email us – new@collegehouses.upenn.edu .  There are no silly questions.  Chances are someone else wants to know the same thing :-)


Saturday August 26th, 2017
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