Opening reception of 'Resurgent Histories, Insurgent Futures'


You're invited to the opening reception for the exhibition Resurgent Histories, Insurgent Futures, curated by NCH House Fellow, Dr. Jennifer Ponce de León. It will be held at the Slought Foundation, a contemporary art space affiliated with Penn that is located at 4017 Walnut St.  The opening reception will be held from 6:30-8:30 PM  and will include a curator's talk by Professor Ponce de León. Feel free to stop by anytime. And stay tuned for an announcement about a special exhibition tour for NCH residents later this month!

Resurgent Histories, Insurgent Futures: an exhibition about cultural guerrilla warfare from across the Americas

"Resurgent Histories, Insurgent Futures" features politically-engaged and experimental art and cinema produced since 2000 by artists and collectives from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and the U.S. The works in the exhibition challenge traditional notions of art and extend into other types of practice, including activism, gaming, and public history. They include an anticolonial alternate reality game, collectively-produced maps that document the effects of big industries on people and the environment, guerrilla memorials to "invisible histories" of Los Angeles, performances that fuse street theater and activism, and poetic acts of protest against racism.  
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Thursday September 7th, 2017
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM