2XP Community: The Second Year Experience

In 2XP, sophomores will be able to live together in a community where they can engage in activities that support their unique needs, challenge themselves to build on their experiences, and celebrate the knowledge and talents they bring to New College House. We will support each other through reflective conversations  during exclusive study breaks, dinner, and events featuring special guests from campus resources. We will challenge each other through leadership development activities and trainings, mentorship initiatives, and civic engagement projects. We will celebrate each other through experience-sharing, special excursions, and showcase events throughout the academic year.
Program Goals:
Students who participate in 2XP activities will be able to:
  • Reflect on their experiences to recognize their growth from first to second year
  • Apply their skills and knowledge to the benefit of the house and local community through mentoring and civic engagement projects
  • Connect with campus resources from a variety of departments
  • Develop meaningful relationships with community peers, faculty, and staff
  • Practice life skills in preparation for off-campus (or post-college) living environments
  • Engage in activities and discussion that promote career goals
Program Requirements:
To get the most out of 2XP, students should be prepared to:
  • Arrive to campus in advance of upperclassmen move-in to participate in an overnight leadership and community development retreat
  • Participate in monthly community meetings
  • Plan and host/facilitate an event for 2XP members during Fall or Spring semester
  • Participate in at least one activity in each of the following categories:
    • Support — activities focus on encouraging healthy self-concept and building resilience (examples: wellness activities, small-group discussions, dinners)
    • Challenge —activities focus on identifying skills, knowledge, attitudes to be developed, strengthened or discovered (examples: workshops, panel discussion)
    • Celebrate — activities focus on recognizing the skills, talents, and progress of others and developing a sense of pride in one's contributions (examples: talent showcase events, note-writing, community awards)
  • Engage in at least one of the following projects external to the community:
    • Meliora Ambassador peer mentor— provides guidance and activities for first-year students in NCH
    • Weekly Service project— participate in volunteer work to benefit a local Philadelphia agency; engage in ongoing reflective conversations about community needs
    • Community Circle Leader—facilitate circle conversations to support NCH residents with interpersonal conflicts 
      • Training and development for each of these projects will be provided.
To Apply:
See Applying to Upperclass Programs for application instructions.
See Program Communities Room Selection for instructions regarding room selection when applying to this community.
Applicants will be prompted to respond to the following:
Imagine yourself as a Penn senior. Imagine that you were an inaugural member of the 2XP Community. Two years later, you have been invited to give a keynote speech for the current community's Welcome Dinner. Write the speech you would give. Consider the following in your remarks:
  • what have you learned?
  • what will the community members gain from their participation?
  • how can you encourage them as a community- what advice would you provide to help them make the most of their opportunity?
Feel free to be creative in the way you imagine your experiences. The text of your speech should be no longer than 1000 words.